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GORGOROTH - Under the Sign of Hell 2011 [JewelCase]


DEMONIAC - The Birth of Diabolic Blood

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Categoría: METALMX

Año: 2006

Intérprete\Disquera: Ablaze Productions

Origen: Mexico DF

Death/Progressive Metal


1. Conscious Horizon: Perceptions from a real world: a) Remembering of the Self, b) Astrobiology, c) Law of Seven, d) Law of Three, e) Towards to Anatman 15:04
2. From the confusion to the existencialist understanding: a) Misologic Ignorance, b) Fourth Way 04:46
3. Sufi Bright: A harmonic cosmovision: a) Almustafá, b) The Flight of Magicians, c) Hydrogen Table 03:16
4. ...and blessed devoid ones of spirit: Return to the eighth cosmic one: a) Ray of Creation, b) Noosferic, c) Tertium Organum 11:46
Total playing time 34:12
Death/Progressive Metal



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