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  DEMILICH - 20th Adversary Of Emptiness [Ltd. 2CD Digi]

Categoría: CD

Año: 2013

Intérprete\Disquera: Svart Records

Origen: Finlandia

La grabaciones completas de Demilich, amistosamente remasterizadas de las cintas originales por primera vez. Ofrece el álbum Nespithe, todas las grabaciones de demos más tres pistas posteriores nunca antes escuchadas!.

***Editado por Svart Records de Finlandia!!!


CD1: Nespithe

1. When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water
2. The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed)
3. Inherited Bowel Levitation – Reduced Without Any Effort
4. The Echo (Replacement)
5. The Putrefying Road in the Nineteenth Extremity (...Somewhere inside the Bowels of Endlessness…)
6. (Within) The Chamber of Whispering Eyes
7. And You’ll Remain… (in Pieces in Nothingness)
8. Erecshyrinol
9. The Planet that Once Used to Absorb Flesh in Order to Achieve Divinity and Immortality (Suffocated to the Flesh that it Desired…)
10. The Cry
11. Raped Embalmed Beauty Sleep

CD2: Em9t2ness of Van2s1ing

The Four Instructive Tales …of Decomposition
1. Introduction / Embalmed Beauty Sleep
2. Two Independent Organisms → One Suppurating Deformity
3. And the Slimy Flying Creatures Reproduce in Your Brains
4. The Uncontrollable Regret of the Rotting Flesh
...Somewhere Inside the Bowels of Endlessness…
1. (Within) the Chamber of Whispering Eyes
2. ...And You’ll Remain… (in Pieces in Nothingness)
3. The Cry
4. The Putrefying Road in the Nineteenth Extremity (...Somewhere Inside the Bowels of Endlessness…)
5. Inherited Bowel Levitation – Reduced without Any Effort
V34ish6ng 0f Emptiness
The Echo
1. egasseM neddiH A – ortnI
2. The Echo (Replacement)
3. Erecshyrinol
4. The Sixteenth Six-tooth Son of Fourteen Four-regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed)
5. The Cry
Vanishing sessions
1. The Faces Right Below the Skin of the Earth
2. Emptiness of Vanishing
3. Vanishing of Emptiness – Regurgitation of Blood
4. Uncontrollable Regret of the Rotting Flesh

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13 Junio 2016
Finalmente a la venta
incluye demo 1992..

13 Junio 2016
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Reedicion OFICIAL!
es ahora o NUNCA!..

21 Julio 2015
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