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  CIANIDE - Gods of Death

Categoría: CD

Año: 2011

Intérprete\Disquera: Hells Headbangers

Origen: USA

En este caso se trata de CIANIDE que es una banda de referencia en el Death Metal de culto, es una banda con una idiosincrasia y una fe en si mismos realmente admirable!! también es una de esas bandas que tienen un sonido único y que realmente suenan a si mismas, y es, por supuesto, uno de los adalides del sonido de la vieja escuela, en definitiva lo tienen todo para que te entusiasmen!!!



"The death metal maniacs have done it again! Another classic under the bullet belt. This fucker was my MOST anticipated album of this year and actually of this decade. If you like no frills/no bullshit death fucking metal, you will LOVE this album. If you don't get this classic, please never talk to me again! And go fuck yourself! Hells Headbangers is slowly becoming one of the best metal labels of all time! Here is their crowning jewel of death metal mastery!" -Metal Maniacs

"This is the way death metal was meant to be: thick, groovin' and brutal... I highly recommend this release. One of my favorites so far this year" -Brutal Control webzine

"A solid slab of OSDM with both feet firmly planted in the band's obvious musical roots... What's not to like? The guitar has 'that sound' nailed down perfectly, the riffs roll over you, the pacing alternates between a dirge and a gallop, and the growled vocals are a near-dead ringer for you know who... Gods Of Death is exactly what it is intended to be: a well-done homage to early Celtic Frost" -About.com

"Comes from the oldest style of death metal, which is a punk-infused energetic style of metal that mixes MOTORHEAD-style galloping choruses with long doomy passages and pure sonic violence against the listener... will confirm that the underground isn't dead; it's just overshadowed by the drama of the emotional-like-emo people. Cianide have kept it alive, and kept it growing, just waiting for these others to lose interest and flit away to their next distraction" -Examiner.com

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