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INQUISITION - Black Mass for a Mass Grave [Ltd 2LP/BLACK]

INQUISITION - Black Mass for a Mass Grave [Ltd 2LP/PURPURA]

BEHEADED - Only Death Can Save You [Ltd.LP/BLACK]

HOUR OF PENANCE - Misotheism [Ltd.LP/AZUL]

RAGNAROK - Non Debellicata [Ltd.LP/BLACK]

DEMONICAL - World Domination [Ltd.LP/VOMITO]

BLAZE OF PERDITION - Near Death Revelations [Ltd.LP/SILVER]

ORIGIN - Abiogenesis - A Coming Into Existence [Ltd. LP/VERDE NEON]

CENTINEX - Death In Pieces [Ltd.LP/BLACK]

SOLEFALD - Jernlov [Ltd. 2-7EP]

CARNIFIED - Where Gods Bleed

NECRODEATH - The Age of Dead Christ [JewelCase]

LAAZ ROCKIT - Left for Dead (American Version)

CANDLEMASS - King of the Grey Island [Jewel Case]

WARSENAL - Feast Your Eyes [JewelCase]

ABIGOR - Four Keys To A Foul Reich (Songs of Pestilence, Darkness and Death) [Digipack]

CARDIAC NECROPSY - Sixxxteen Years of Anal Addict

ARCHGOAT - The Apocalyptic Triumphator [Ltd. Slipcase]

DISGORGE (MX) - Live in Moscow 23.11.08 [Digipack]

BLOODBATH - Bloodbath Over Bloodstock [Ltd. Digibook DVD]

ONCE UPON A TIME IN NORWAY - The History Of Mayhem And The Rise Of Norwegian Black Metal [DVD]

OBITUARY - Frozen Alive (Ltd.Ed. Digi CD/DVD)

SAMAEL - Blood Ritual [Ltd. LP/G/MARBLE AZUL]

TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE - Pillars Of Damnation [Ltd.LP/NEGRO]

UNLEASHED - Sworn Allegiance [Ltd. LP/G/NEGRO]

SADUS - Visions of Misery [Ltd. LP/SPLATTER]

TERATOGENY - Mundo Famelico - Digi CD

IGNIS ATRUM - Bellum [Digi includes orchestration]

OLD THRONE - Obscure Incantation to Karma Jesus

WEEDSNAKE - Reburn [JewelCase]

ACERUS - The Tertiary Rite [L]

ACERUS - The Arrival of Him [XXL]

DIO - Dio [XL]

ACERUS - The Tertiary Rite [XXL]
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ANAL BLASPHEMY - Bestial Black Metal Filth

BLACK FUNERAL - Ankou and the Death Fire [Ltd. Digipack]

ARTILLERY - Fear of Tomorrow (Ltd.Ed. Digipack)

GOREROTTED - A New Dawn For The Dead

VORGUS - Vorguzised

CANDLEMASS - King of the Grey Island [Jewel Case]