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HOUR OF PENANCE - The Vile Conception [Ltd.LP/NEGRO]

SABBAT - Fetishism [Ltd.LP/NEGRO]

MORBID ANGEL - Domination [Ltd.LP/NEGRO]

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ASPHYX - Crush The Cenotaph [JewelCase]

DISASTROUS MURMUR - Marinate Your Meat / ...And Hungry Are The Lost [2CD]

SKELETAL SPECTER - Succubus Of The Night [JewelCase]

MAYHEM - Daemon [JewelCase]

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  MEFITIS - Emberdawn [JewelCase]

Categoría: CD

Año: 2019

Intérprete\Disquera: Chaos Records

Origen: USA

After two years of subterranean rumination, MEFITIS emerges fully formed with its debut album of entirely new material. Contained within: 9 hymns to decay, to mankindís propensity for unmaking what it has made. Witness parables of degradation and savagery, when our stronghold foundations collapse. This is DARK METAL that delves into the maelstrom of dark thoughts within us. A twisting labyrinth of riffcraft awaits. Though inspired by those 80s and 90s masterworks, MEFITIS bids you to look forward.

Paintings by Turkka G. Rantanen (Adramelech, Demilich, Demigod, Depravity, Archgoat).

Highly recommended for fans of At The Gates, Sacramentum, Adramelech and Dawn.

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