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  KREATOR - Under The Guillotine - The Noise Records Anthology [Ltd. 2CD/Digibook]

Categoría: CD

Año: 2021

Intérprete\Disquera: Noise /BMG

Origen: UK

Los primeros años de KREATOR comprimidos en dos CDs en formato DIGIBOOK
" Under The Guillotine - The Noise Records Anthology"

Track listing:
Extreme Aggression
Terrible Certainty (Remix)
Endless Pain
People Of The Lie
Flag Of Hate
Choir Of The Damned
Pleasure To Kill
Toxic Trace
After The Attack
Awakening Of The Gods
Terror Zone
Renewal (Remix)
Tormentor (End Of The World demo)
Behind The Mirror
Some Pain Will Last
Europe After The Rain (Remix)
Under The Guillotine


KREATOR - Under The Guillotine The Noise Anthology [Ltd. 2LP/G/SPLATTER]

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KREATOR - Cause for Conflict [Ltd.Digipack]

KREATOR - Cause for Conflict [Ltd Digibook]
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