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  AUTOPSY - Introducing Autopsy [2CD]

Categoría: CD

Año: 2013

Intérprete\Disquera: Snapper

Origen: USA

Compilatario para introducir a los bestiales AUTOPSY al resto del decadente planeta!!!

2 Discos a un super precio!!


Disc 1
1. Charred Remains
2. Ridden with Disease
3. Pagan Saviour
4. In the Grip of Winter
5. Torn from the Womb
6. Destined to Fester
7. Your Rotting Face
8. An Act of the Unspeakable
9. Funereality
10. Humiliate Your Corpse
11. Deathmask
12. Grave Violaters

Disc 2
1. Feast of the Graveworm
2. My Corpse Shall Rise
3. Mutant Village
4. Hand of Darkness
5. Always About to Die
6. Deliver Me From Sanity
7. Coffin Crawlers
8. Arch Cadaver
9. Running from the Goathead

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